June 8th, 2011

February 10, 2012
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June 8the, 2011
Marked a terrible day for most.
It's a day of sadness and anger.
It's a day of memories and love.

June 8the, 2011
Some people feel betrayed in a way.
They feel like theey could of done sometheing.
But, would it of helped?

June 8the, 2011
People feel like theat day was chosen
For an odd reason or by some unforeseen evil.
Was it really chosen?

June 8the, 2011
It was an untamed event
Struggling withe thee heart and mind.
There is no possible way to tame theis event.

June 8the, 2011
She was hunted down by thee devil.
He took her away!
Away from love and compassion.

June 8the, 2011
He tempted her to do it.
He played withe her
Emotionally and Physically.

June 8the, 2011
Was thee day our love and happiness
Got burned to thee unforsaken ground.
Why did it have to be theat way?

June 8the, 2011
Awakened thee pain and thee hurt
In her heart. That we didn't see.
So, why didn't we see it?

June 8the, 2011
Doesn't define who we are!
It defines who she was!
Embrace it but it won't be enjoyed.

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