What Wonderous Love

February 3, 2012
By RAYJJONES SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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When we are born in sin we shun the face of God

Like a useless tool we brought Him much shame

He chose to show us all his love and grace

Then sent His son to come and take the blame

He bore all of my sins upon a cross

Then died to save an awful man like me

All my sins are gone I’m no longer lost

What wondrous love what fathomless mercy?

And now I’m free no longer a slave to sin

Saved by grace through faith alone

Forever in heaven I will worship Him

Giving praise to the father up on His throne

Our merciful father sent from up above

His great gift of mercy his wondrous love

The author's comments:
This was a sonent i also wrote for my english class, but bassically it is talking about Gods wonderous love for us.

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