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When we argue

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I drag myself up the stairs
Trying to fight back tears
Tears that built up from the hurt and anger over the years
I hurry to my room and slam the door behind me
You really got to me this mom, as you can see
I'm hurting inside
But i guess you put my hurt aside
At times It may seem to care
At other times your not even there
Inside my room i can express my feelings
And everything i do has a meaning
I turn my music up to full blast
And then finally Peace iam at last
Until u come in and rip my heart apart
By telling me to turn the music off and go to bed
An argument you are trying to start
No attention from me is paid to you
You come over to me and yell mean words and I just sit there as if you are nothing but this is what you do
Turn the music down!!! at my ears your voice pound
I ignore you and i turn around
You pull me off the bed and raise your hand to hit me
my eyes clinched before i was even touched
this has happened plenty of times as you can see
But this time nothing happened you put down your hand and walked away
scared to even move, so on the floor i shall stay
The next morning i wake up
To you staring in my face
I am looking at you as if you are out of place
I slide myself up but i begin to slouch down
You smile at me and to you i frown
You say you were sorry and that you had a rough day
But every time this happen that's your favorite thing to say
You say you still love and wait for me to say i love you to
But i do not respond because i do not know if that true

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