If You Don’t Want My Friendship

February 1, 2012
By , Riverside, RI
if you don’t want my friendship,
well, then i guess i’ll just

if you don’t want me here,
i won’t apologize and i won’t hurt and i won’t

if you want to take back
all the times we’ve shared over the

then i won’t waste my time on
sadness and feeling sorry and i won’t shed any

if you want to throw away
all the memories and let us just

then i will not hold onto nothing;
believing i can fix what is irrevocably broken and i will not

i won’t let myself live with
beliefs that i did all the

i won’t blame myself senselessly
and let you off for what you’ve done all

if you say this is the end;
you want to leave my life and just walk

then i won’t chase after you;
i won’t try to make you

if you want to let us go,
i swear i don’t care and i’ll let you out and lock the

if you don’t want to be
a part of my life

if you think you can be
here at your convenience; only a sometimes

i won’t put up with that nonsense,
or the all the secrets, lies, fakeness, drama, and

if you thought you could
destroy everything and break us

if you thought you could leave me
with a ruined and torn and destroyed

if you want to leave me alone;
reject, abandon, and disappoint me and leave me broken but

then you thought you’d
get to me but i’m a survivor so i will

if you refuse to be here for me;
if you were made to never give, just

then i’ll just walk away and pick myself up
from the destruction left in your

if you don’t want my friendship.

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Rachel23 said...
Feb. 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm
My friend left me... I want to say that I was strong and din't cry but that would be a lie. I did tell her that if she wanted to, that was fine, just don't come back to me. This poem made my heart swell and tear up. I know the feeling described in this poem.
Duckie430 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Feb. 16, 2012 at 10:40 am
Thank you very much. This poem was actually written for my best friend who I've had since I was 6 years old who we just ended our friendship (we're 19). I know what you were feeling when you lost your friend-its like breaking up with a boyfriend...only somehow worse. Just really, really bad. This poem is about how I WISH I could feel; but as I wrote this poem just a few weeks ago when it happened, I'm still grieving over 14 years of friendship lost. This poem is where I want to be. Thank you for... (more »)
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