Paid for School

December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Kids should be paid to go to school
This isn’t just an idea but a future rule
It’s a better use of money then bad food
And when it comes to school everyone would be in the mood
Wages based on difficulty and grade
Every dollar in your pocket you have made
Through the hardships in school we endure,
We all become more mature
Only to be fare to our age,
We all deserve our own wage
School is our job, is it not?
Money for it is the one thing we haven’t got
We could spend it on toys or book of knowledge
Or be wise and save it up for college
Use it quick and buy a car
Or save it up and travel far
Nothing but good things can come of this
Long term fulfillment or short term bliss
The earning of money means to me
Nothing but a growing of responsibility
It will help us prepare for the real world
Allowing us to move forward
So let’s just do the right thing and be cool
And finally pay kids to go to school

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