I'll never love anyone more...

December 19, 2011
By Morgan Nelson BRONZE, Garden City, Kansas
Morgan Nelson BRONZE, Garden City, Kansas
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His gentle hands held onto my waist as we danced together for the first time, I will never forget that moment when we laugh together, when you would hold me close but now you don't like me any more, but that's okay, I'll find someone else to love, but just so you know I will never love anyone more, I will never forget your smile, your laugh... your sweet voice speaking ever so smoothly to me. I will never forget those times when my stomach would flutter when you where here with me. I will never forget those times when I just wanted to hold your hand, when i dreamed of dancing with you, being with you,I will never forget you, so please never forget me... I'll promise you now today , I will never love anyone more than I loved you.

The author's comments:
In this sonnet I was thinking of a guy that i really really liked I even believed that I loved him, We had gone to homecoming with him as friends and then we kinda liked each other after words and now I've spent a lot of tome getting over him because I was obsessive and I ruined my chances to be with him... He's a sweet guy and I do like him but right now I'm just a girl who's confused about my emotions and stuff so I'll just wait patiently still for prince charming to come and rescue me from this horrible life. I'll always remember our first dance together, I hope you guys like my sonnet.

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