How I love thee

December 13, 2011
I love you, dear, like the birds love summer’s first light
When they reap in joy at the love sweet air does bring
I miss you like the sun is missed at a pale dark night
Or like a rose in winter doth long for the lovely spring
I need you, love, like stars need the sky to fairly shine
Just as a fire needs first a spark to its light ever find
Without thee, I am like a party with food and no wine
Like a lover without heart, or a genius without mind
My love will never die, nor will it ever start to fade
Because ever present you will be in me- ne'er to age
And if you leave, I’ll be left destroyed and unmade
You are the main actress, and my heart is the stage
Beyond poetry, beyond everything you can imagine or you can see
No comparison there is in the world, dear, to show how I love thee

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