December 4, 2011
By MNicole GOLD, Banquete, Texas
MNicole GOLD, Banquete, Texas
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You walk by
And he sees you
But he’s invisible
You stare right on through

He reaches out
Something ruffles your hair
You whip around
There’s no one there

He sighs
Knows it could never be
But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it
Just for you to see

You turn around
Step by step leave him behind
The tormenting thoughts you try and shove away
Want to lock in the back of your mind

He watches you
Heart filled with regret
All he can do is pray
Hope you’ll never forget

You’re crying
It’s not fair
He left you here alone
The pain almost too much to bare

He knows you’re hurting
Even if he can’t see
And he aches for you both
For something that never got a chance to be

The author's comments:
Torn apart by worlds circumstance.

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