The Temptation

December 1, 2011
I’m usually quick to turn away the Devils attempts,
Remove him from my head before he does any real damage.
Lately, my guard has been rather weak,
And that pesky Devil can be quite a savage.
He catches me when I’m sulking, upset, or angry …
And he pulls me close to whisper sweet temptations in my ear.
“Hear my voice, do my bidding, and your pain will subside.”
They are only lies, but he speaks exactly what I need to hear.
My heart has become small, and my mind clouded by hate,
I think this time I’m going to give in …
Give him my soul in return for happiness?
“Well, Mr. Devil, where do I begin?”
My body quickly grows numb,
A feeling of uncaring washes through me.
“You are now my child …”
Is this right, is this what I want to be?
My feelings are numb,
So I assume it doesn’t really matter.
I calmly take a seat,
And listen to the Devils evil chatter.

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