Ode to Sleep

November 28, 2011
By kayteevee BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
kayteevee BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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My favorite time of every day
Comes when the day has come and gone
It’s the time I don’t recall
I admit: I slept through it all
Snoring, snoozing, blissfully
Lights off, PJ’s on

I rest my head, I rest my self
My mind, tearing at the seams
I free my worries to the air
And then they float, waiting there
Waiting till the morning sun
Mixing with my breath and dreams

And though my dreams I don’t recall
I sense my wishes in disguise
And crave the sweet yet solemn kiss
Of slumber’s fall and ignorant bliss
Just a ghost of paradise
To greet me when from sleep I rise

The night has come, the day has set
Naught but breaths, in and out
Touch the pure and hollow ears
Of anyone around to hear
A purr, a snore, and nothing more;
A pin drop like a piercing shout

My eyelids now begin to flutter
Nightfall can’t arrive too soon
I wait for sleep to bring me peace
For conscious mind to all but cease
Wait for sleep to overcome
And drown me ‘fore the shining moon

The author's comments:
I started this poem as a humorous dedication to sleep, but as I wrote, I found myself uncovering the true beauty of slumber.

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