One Month Later

November 9, 2011
By Meghan Collins GOLD, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
Meghan Collins GOLD, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
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We are full of life, shiny and brand new.
I’ve left behind those memories that scarred.
You’re not like him, and he’s nothing like you
I love that there’s no way you can be compared.
Clearly recalling the very first day,
It was quite awkward, I wouldn’t change that,
Going nowhere with you is where I will stay.
You’re not someone I could ever snap at.
That sweet smelling cologne is now my favorite
It is distinctly yours, distinctly you,
When we’re together, I’m sure to savor it.
He can say it won’t last, but he hasn’t a clue.
We blend our two worlds so well together,
But, babe, I don’t believe in forever.

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