The light that burns within your eyes; unknown

September 28, 2011
By Crepyuk BRONZE, Delft, Other
Crepyuk BRONZE, Delft, Other
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The light that burns within your eyes; unknown,
Nor have I seen the hands that filled my heart,
My heart now fill’d with words of keys outgrown;
Thou art by wire not far from me apart.
Thy hands like birds alight and stride the board,
The keys they touch and bring my heart in bliss.
Jus’t fool would need your touch but he be warned,
The wise foresee the end; a virtual x.
Oh what have I so far beheld of you,
But the lines in charcoal dots my screen revealed.
Oh how can I from blackness define the truth;
Draw a line between illusion between reality.

The line is drawn on ASL; no more:

No match, no link, no love, there is the door.

The author's comments:
In class, we have discussed the topic of internet several times. Inevitably, chatting and dating via the web has come up. In modern society, it has become much easier to ‘find’ a partner through the internet. Though, this method of searching for love can be thoroughly questioned; is internet dating direct and/or personal enough? Is dating via the web dangerous? Has our view on love and relationships developed or has it only become more superficial?
It were questions like these that provoked me to write a Shakespearean sonnet that indirectly dealt with complicated issues considered with our new methods of finding partners.

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