August 10, 2011
Oh sweet muse with hair so fair and eyes so blue
how many days have I been blinded and unable to truly see?
Unable to open my true eyes and and be shocked by such a queen-
unaware about my own feelings that I have for you.

Though we met long ago and did share friendship,
I was not aware you wanted more,
that you my gentle nymph wanted to be adored.
So when I did finally open my eyes all I could do is regret it-

For I watch you now as your heart is quite stretched,
torn across the land for another.
For a man who may taunt you forever-
till at least the death of your current schooling at best.

My heart aches to see you wanting and never getting,
To have most boys shun you as they only look once.
Then you find a man who now rarely touch;
Sometimes I simply want for you a happy ending.

Though what exactly attracts my self to you;
is it due to your beautiful looks or utter brilliance?
Your lovely freckled, alabaster skin-
or your voice that sings such a melodic tune?

Is it your beautiful laugh or dazzling smile?
Do I simply love the face you tend to mask;
which for you I guess is a nearly impossible task.
Though I do enjoy the small words you say only if once in awhile.

As you seem otherworldly with your serene grace,
I know that your a simple mortal like I.
Though I know also that our hearts are somehow tied,
So shall I lay in the shadows and wait.

Oh graceful fae I beseech!
I want you now, with a passion and admiration like did for me-
For I long for you like the sky does the sea.
Will you though my love be again in my reach?

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