July 15, 2011
By Hockeyeastme7 SILVER, Millinocket, Maine
Hockeyeastme7 SILVER, Millinocket, Maine
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In the mirror you see everything,
The mirror shows a resemblance,
A flashback,
Of the past.
And a seeing,
Into the future.

Mirrors do not lie.
They show the real you,
Who you are, Who you were,
What you can be,
What you won't be.

Along with untold secrets,
Of the past.
The unknown secrets of the future.
Mirrors can make you pretty
Mirrors can make you ugly
Mirrors can make you anything,
That you make them.

For they do not lie,
Nor do they make enemies.
They show the real image.
The only enemy a mirror has is you,
Because you are an enemy,
Of yourself.

You do not like the story,
That you have written,
Upon yourself.
But just remember,
In the mirror you see everything.

The author's comments:
It shows that no matter how hard you try to be different when you look in the mirror you are your true self. You may have done bad things in the past that still show, but you can also see a future in yourself to.

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