Painting Forgivness

May 5, 2011
By justthatgirl SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
justthatgirl SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
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When you see my face, what kind of picture come to mind?
Is it make of little smudges, usually just undefined?
Is it painted from the colors spilling from our bleeding hearts?
Does the shock of it all just tear your mind apart?
Am I just the subject in the background?
Or did you draw me gone, no where to be found.
No, You probably made me out of scars.
All the scar you kept with you in a jar.
Please let go.
Please don't just leave me alone.
No. This isn't worth apologizing for.
You let fall until I finally hit the floor.
Did you think of how I felt when you dropped me?
Was it even my fault to let your heart sink?
Maybe you sunk it yourself.
No. You're sunken, and it's time to forgive yourself.

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