A Masked Life

June 16, 2011
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Passing winds through forbidden trees,
Trying to unmask what lies within,
Uncover makeshift destinies
Venturing towards what is real.

Our intrigue is our only lead
As we sort through life’s mystery,
What I don’t know becomes a need,
When new light comes and invites me to see

As ice melts to a rising sun
Lucid water escapes hardened form
Transforming what was said and done
Searching for life’s non-existent norm

Questions asked from within the heart
In our thoughts we stall in reflection
Reason and want do not make part
The duo finds the meaningful connection,
The equilibrium,
That will keep us in check.
As we pass through the forbidden trees,
To somewhat unmask what lies within,
Where we may uncover a makeshift destiny,
As we venture towards what is real.

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