Your Smile Unrivaled

June 1, 2011
By KaiGuy BRONZE, San Diego, California
KaiGuy BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Your smile unrivaled, your eyes that gleam deep,
Your unique little chuckle that I long to hear,
Makes me feel loved far beyond my belief
You make me feel alive and free with no fear.

The things we could do, happy and together
Things we could make, have fun with, create
There’s one thing that’s stopping me harshly, however
One small bad habit that I’ll always hate.

There’s one wrong note, one thing that you do
There’s one wrong note and it’s bothering me
To fix that wrong note is all up to you
One wrong note that’s preventing harmony.

This is something simply childish, if I could I would remove it all
For if I could rid of you of this flaw then you’d be truly beautiful.

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