May 19, 2011
I never want to let you go
I know our love will always be
Just seeing your face sets me aglow
It is you and me baby; I’m sorry I sometimes don’t see

Our hearts are now incredibly combined
Irresistible as one; we’ve become inseparable
I’m glad I’ve found you; you’re always on my mind
Time spent with you has now become very memorable

We’ve been together for a little over a year
I love the way you hold me, before I have to leave
I know in my heart I can and will always call you my dear
Yes we are still young and our feelings may be very naïve

I’ve learned a lot from you
Even though you and me are still considered minors;
The way we act towards one another can be necessary
Whenever I think about you and I; I tend to go into abstractions

I love how when we lay under the sky;
The way our fingers gently very slowly become entwined
The feeling I feel is indescribable it makes me just want to fly
You’re simply perfect honey you are incredibly very kind

All the feelings you gave me made me believe in love
You have inspired me to pursue my dreams in my life time
I love you more than I can explain, I can never get enough;
Of your lovely face and smile, to pass by you would have been a crime

Despite the fights and disagreements we have and tears we go through
We are way beyond all of this now and we’re closer than ever before
I know in my heart, darling I will never ever stop loving you

I highly don’t think I can love anybody else but you, anymore.

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