Folliage Alleviation

June 7, 2011
By whitneyc BRONZE, Renton, Washington
whitneyc BRONZE, Renton, Washington
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Out in the woods it is so calm and
serene, making nature feel at one with a human being. Plants branch out
whichever way they please. The chirping of the birds is more powerful than
any words. As I walk, I take in the serenity around me. The calming shades
of blue and green can all around be seen. The combination of colors makes
it an utter utopia. I hear the crunch of leaves beneath my feet, so many
new plants for me to meet. The wilderness has become my escape from any
problem. The forest is busy with life and glee and all the animals seem so
happy. This serenity promotes deep thoughts. It is so free and there is
life everywhere for the eye to see. This freedom is so glorious and
cleansing. Clouds float by above my head, almost putting me to bed. I find
myself transfixed by this clarity. It is so beautiful and calm, reading my
future like a palm. My mind is cleansed and my soul is open. I feel as
though I am in nature’s embrace, it is a perfect fitting case. The
wilderness is officially my detox. Surrounded by the beauty of nature is I,
for a full day I could just lye. In this beautiful place, I feel at peace.

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