May 18, 2011
Have you ever stood in a room full of people,
And felt utterly alone?
Nothing but walls wherever you turn,
Wishing all along you’d known.

That it wouldn’t be easy,
To break down all those walls.
Didn’t know they would be angry,
When their protection falls.

Now I feel so alone and I know I’m on my own,
I have to figure this one out,
Look past the fear and doubt.

I know the truth about you,
I know exactly who you are.
And I know you’ll make it through,
I know you will go far.

I’m just holding you back,
Leading you on to please myself.
There is much I find I lack,
And you deserve perfection in wealth.

No matter how you look at it,
I have to make a choice.
Do I do as they see fit,
Or follow my own hearts voice?

They say that they know best,
And my own mind does agree.
But when put to the test,
It seems doing what’s right is not always easy.

I also know that if I leave you,
I’ll miss you with a passion.
That’s why I consider all points of view,
And make my choice with caution.

Through all of this there is one thing I’ve learned,
Know who you love and be sharp where they’re concerned.

So these next few days will be bliss,
I’ll be happy while I can.
I’m already starting to miss,
The place where this mess began.

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