May 18, 2011
By BossyGirl SILVER, Murray, Utah
BossyGirl SILVER, Murray, Utah
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Tis not a stranger thou sees before thee.
He is mistaken as the friend, beware
For he is cunning and sly. So now heed
my warning, keep thy wits about, forebear
that which is to come; the masked
figure be none other than Jealousy.
And of his lineage thou has long asked,
His father none other than Fallacy.
His mother raised him upon lies and deceit.
and to those souls, whom his hatred does hold,
So many intricate plans of defeat,
all his dark, devilish skills do unfold.
But, when he brings down those he despises,
His downfall is of his own devices.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired from the play, Othello.

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