Within Another World

May 3, 2011
I stood under the shabby brown roof
Wishing for a new day
I was bored out of my mind
I didn’t want to sit, sleep, or play.

Suddenly, a light flashed before my eyes.
I was in another dimension, another world.
I escaped all the secrets, all the lies
And there I was, shocked and surprised.

I met new friends, kind yet curious.
One had brown eyes
That were absolutely luxurious.
He was the polite type, and knew how to have fun.
But never knew when the fun was done.

There was also a girl, who wasn’t as tall as he
She was rather short, even shorter than me.
She had long blond hair, smooth and shiny
So smooth and shiny that it was almost—cottony!

We did courageous and fearless things
Fighting dragons and evil kings.
We were heroes of course, and my friends and I understood
That we could do things nobody else could.
We were thanked by the entire kingdom, that nation, that world
But the feeling of sadness began to swell.

I soon had to leave
And I knew I was missed, even though I was deceived
In that other world which was filled with tons of lies.
But before the light flashed before my very eyes
I looked at their faces, despising our goodbyes

They smiled simultaneously, their expressions filled with sorrow.
Knowing that I won’t see them the next morrow.
“Will we ever see each other again?” I asked, not sure what to say next.
He replied, “Maybe, but we’ll never forget you, nevertheless.”

I was back, standing under the shabby brown roof
Remembering the journeys my friends and I took
Still thinking about the adventures my friends and I had that day
Sure that those memories will never fade away.
And if I would ever get a chance
to stay.

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