Things Are Not The Same

May 4, 2011
By ImperfectAngel13 GOLD, Brooklyn, Ny, New York
ImperfectAngel13 GOLD, Brooklyn, Ny, New York
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I stand there
As still as can be
Shocked to see
You walking away from me

Leaving me in the cold
All Alone
Not even turning around
And ignoring the sound

Of me
Screaming your name
It’s obvious
Things are not the same

I’ve gone after you before
But you’re so persistent to leave
Why can’t you spend any time with me?
I guess I’m just not worth the time

So, go ahead
You can leave
I’ll turn my back on you
As you did to me

And do as I please
But my arms will always be
Wide open waiting
For the old you
To come back to me

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