Will you burn or build bridges?

April 28, 2011
By Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Kah519 GOLD, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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Are you ready to burn or build bridges?
I’m sure you dream to build, but it’s not so
Burned bridges are all that you seem to know
Can you break barriers? Hop the ridges?
Ignore the no’s, cants, and dark messages
Our black world will be here to make you slow
You’ll need to break the chain; say no! and go!
Across the world, stay strong and build bridges
Here you go, ready and prepared- I hope
Have you courage? Faith? What makes you able?
What pushes you to climb the steepest slope?
Can’t you see that the world has you labeled?
It sets you apart, the one who can’t cope
They urge you to fail, to let go of the rope
But you answer the question, are you able?

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