Green Tea Frappuccino

April 12, 2011
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Icy as February’s flowers
Green snowflakes flourish
At the surface of the tongue
It’s like a fluid drug that’s florescent
Crispy but soon fleeing
With the freezing moisture dripping down my throat

From the tips of my fingers
Holding a plastic cup where lingers
Millions of
Ice teardrops
And inside melts
As the time was felt
By those waiting for their beloveds
Sugary, slightly bitterish dune of green tea

Through the grass-green straw
Like last year my graphite eyes saw
It freezes the tongue and chimes the teeth
And chimes again the breath
Sipping the iced cappuccino of green
Eyes meet the fireflies again
Snow-white fireflies begin
Of a winterer’s night

And falling down on the frozen ground
Paved with illuminating, dimming cushions drawn
Like old, faded stars that are drown
Sleeping under the morion sky
Often pressed with the morn’s scar of footprints

Through frozen window wafting wind
Mirrors the warmth of the world
Of Starbucks

Of reminiscence
Of him
Of who first gave this moment
This sweet, dear moment

And then
Lips moving to a bitter smile
A little bit heartbroken smile
And a little bit mature smile
March out of the porch
Into the chilling perch
Moor the memories at the

I open up my mouth
Eyes dotting straight ahead
One step forward

I draw the straw
Into my maw

Into red, frozen mouth

Into red, frozen heart

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