If You Only Knew

April 1, 2011
By Giannamarie SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Giannamarie SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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If You Only Knew

If you could just see what you mean to me,
You tell me to have fun and be happy,
I love you just like Adriana Lee,
Your really cute when your hair is nappy,

You and I click like a computer mouse,
We blend just like blue and red make purple
When we were young we played race in the house
Both wash our hair with shampoo that’s herbal,

You smell so good and so so very sweet,
Your smile gives me many butterflies,
When you see me you swift me off my feet,
Everytime I am around you feel wise,

You and I together make history,
We defiantly are no mystery.

Gianna Zangara

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