March 27, 2011
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Stand tall and proud,
And cold as ice

It may not help,
Nothing may change
But the ability to feel
As do those

Who have rebelled
To be struck down
To be reigned in,
And once more humbled

Once more, again
Back to the start
Back to the cause
Of all the pain

Of all the suffering,
A vicious
Takes its toll in lives -

In hope -
And leaves despair,
Just for a while
A year or two

A decade, centuries
Until back to promised peace,
To promised

Not forgetting those who had
But forgetting why they must have
Forgetting rights, and dignity

Until they are found again,
And then comes the rebellion,
Once more
When they remember

The reasons for the struggles,
The deaths
The violence
And forgetting the glory of those who,

For just one
Felt the joy, and power
In rebellion.

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