March 23, 2011
By jasmineb.lovs2write SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
jasmineb.lovs2write SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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The blank sheet of paper stares evilly.
What is it that makes the ideas flow?
Do they sprout from your mind like a lily?
If you take care of them will the work show?
Or do they just appear and take over?
Would your mind rather surrender then fight?
And echo in an eerie voice-over?
How does an idea flow with such might?
The paper continues to stare blankly.
Whatever reason nothing is coming.
The blankness is annoying me frankly.
I sit here while my fingers are drumming.
The wondering fills me with exhaustion.
Wish I knew the answers to my question.

The author's comments:
I sat in class for almost half an hour trying to come up with something to write about. So this is what I came up with after staring at the blank sheet for forever.

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