Path of Distraught Hearts

March 15, 2011
Oh, where the heart goes may no man tread!
A convoluted path, a twisted and winded road.
With no stops or cozy beds to rest your weary head.
No friends or passer-byes to ease the heavy load.

Upon this road you may come upon lovely meadows.
The weathered, the timely, the lovely. The sky so blue
You might come across your hilly highs and your pitchy lows.
Only justly remember with the sun, their may be boggy quagmires too.

Only trudge through these rearing, inconvenient illusions.
Persist on towards your everlasting, consistant goals.
Beaten, and strained momentarily with these contusions
Just follow your heart along, whilst the love guides with every pull
Where you find, and find you will
Would this path be kind, on this time that remains still

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