Forever Love

March 7, 2011
By cecilitagirl BRONZE, Miami, Florida
cecilitagirl BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Love is nothing but a four letter word
And fairytales are just bedtime fables
Together forever? That’s just absurd
In the eyes of many love disables

Through heartbreak and grief, I vow to restrain
This battle of love is too much to take
I can’t endure this, I end up in pain
I feel as if though my hearts going to break

Just a regular day when you walked by
You so perfect, in no way sour
Guess love crossed my path, I feel I could fly
My love for you is a blooming flower

Although love always seemed so far away
You by my side, my skies no longer gray

The author's comments:
This poem started out as merely just a homework assignment, but as i wrote this poem my feelings just feel on paper. I do say that this poem was reflected on a personal experience of mine which makes this poem all the more special to me.

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