She Loves Herself, She Loves Herself Not

March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

the days fall away like petals
falling from the dying flowers,
coming to rest on the ground.

the lies she believes in the mirror
echo inside her screaming,
but there is no sound.

the secrets she hides in herself
cradle her to empty comfort,
with nothing to keep.

and so the sweet sound of
crickets chirping softly
can chorus a body to sleep.

the beauty i see in her
and the beauty within,
is veiled in her tears;

everything she is afraid of
she sheds away with the weight,
choking her in all her fears.

she'd rather hurt for the better,
and she says she doesn't believe;
but she's not afraid of being dead.

so she lets herself go,
turning against her own self;
speak now the words unsaid.

the day ends with the sunset,
never waking up to another morning
with the light of dawn;

falling like the dying flowers
and coming to rest on the ground,
the days fall away like petals.

she is gone

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