My Living Nightmare

March 9, 2011
By , Miami, FL
It’s dark…screams resonating through my ears.
They’re getting closer, closer, let me be!
Bring back what once was my joy; now my tears.
Hades’ rule now takes my mind’s sanity.

Shadows’ grasps drag me deep down to death’s lair.
Still, I hear anger and slamming of doors.
Waking will not free me from this nightmare.
It’s this frightful night I really abhor.

Wait! Breathe…are these ears deceiving my mind?
The screams are no more, the fog has lifted.
Have they reverted to being refined?
Even so, these scars will not be mended.

All at once doors open, two hands reach out.

Light floods in, so goes my internal shouts.

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