The Hidden Message

March 5, 2011
In time, lost, a hidden message divine

Sought signs awaken—treasures intertwine
Thirsty torrid tears of half-hearted tears
Inscrutable ardency--sacred prayers
Lacerations scarlet by sword and shield
Last of radiant sunset’s plea concealed

Lying shrouded arcs, eradicated

Once pondered, the eyes illuminated
Vaporized Achilles’ heel still stayed true
Euphoric heavens cry for the halves-two

Yearned the undying torch young, drenched unique
Origins of the last words you must seek
Unbreakable memories go and come

! For the Great message hides within the profundity of Maximum Wisdom

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lylas4ever said...
May 10, 2011 at 6:54 pm
Another great Poem Max :DDDWohoo :DD 
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