Way to Kill

March 2, 2011
By Live2Write PLATINUM, Ravensdale, Washington
Live2Write PLATINUM, Ravensdale, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Here's to waking up Thursday, and thinking it's Friday."
"It's Wednesday, dude."

"And we didn't think it was very cool, so... we tried to kill him."
"Dude, they're cops!"

"Great minds think alike."
"And fools seldom differ."

Whispers, cruel, indifferent, or nice
You try to ignore the words they say
Though independance comes with a price
One you learned you cannot pay

And yet, however, she acts like you
And yet, alas, you act like her
Now there's no way for you to return to
The life you lived, or who you were

It's dangerous to think
Those thoughts that may be contrary
Too late now, before you can blink
It begins; you should've been wary

Through their emails and through their phones
Have no doubt, they'll tear you apart
For sticks and stones may break your bones
But only words can break your heart

So sit there, silent, with your book
With a shaky hand, turn the page
Try to ignore that nasty look
And feel the hurt turn into rage

Rage to blood on linen lace
Way to kill the human race

The author's comments:
Not a lot of people think that girls can bully, but sometimes words hurt more than any punch could.

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