The Masterpiece Called Home

February 24, 2011
By GetItOut BRONZE, Welland, Other
GetItOut BRONZE, Welland, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Quotations Form the beginning,
to the end,
My heart will beat for you.
And when it stops,
The pain will stop,
...The sorrow will stop,
The love will stop,
But the hurting will begin,

Reds and pinks cover the sky
As the blue begins to fade
The light begins to disappear
Till there's nothing left but shade

The sun begins to run away
Almost clear out of the sky
And one by one the stars come out
To wave a quick goodbye

The moon softly rises back awake
From it's long and humble sleep
And the grass is covered with the rain
As the clouds begin to weep

The stars each twinkle up above
Forming pictures in the sky
Imagination is the key
To see them, with the untrained eye

The wind begins to toss and turn
And carry a sweet summer smell
Off the ocean is the breeze
So deep it's like a well

The wind picks up and shifts an turns
Throwing up all the leaves
Soon there fluttering everywhere
In and out through the trees

Then they come to a gentle stop
And fall back to the ground
And for a moment nothing moves
And you can't hear a sound

The silence is both calm and bold
As it's broken into two
And the sun begins to reappear
And shine over the dew

The stars begin to fade away
Until they disappear
And the moon slips softly back asleep
Till it will re-appear

And from the night becomes a day
And with it brings new light
The living and the dead awake
And look upon the sight

The sight of the beautiful scene
Painted each and everyday
With the same tools and techniques
But in a different way

The earth and all it's beauty here
Is a picture on it's own
the wonders and the treasure painted
Is the masterpiece called home

The author's comments:
The world around us amazes me. Don't lose sight of what we have. The people and things in our day to day life may not always be there, but the earth will.

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