about best friends

January 29, 2011
By Anonymous

when im upset you cheer me up again
you are the glue that keeps me together
we'll have our ups and downs but know that when
best friends are this close they last forever

i know that you'll always be there for me
just as i am forever there for you
there's no one more inseparable than we
you know this kind of friendships always true
you somehow seem to know just what to say
even when im about to fall apart
when im with you my troubles melt away
you'll always have a place inside my heart

we never fail to make each other laugh
even when no one near us cracks a smile
we are so close you're like my other half
i think i might keep you around a while

i know that you'll always be my best friend
forever there for me, i love you to the end

The author's comments:
this is one of the first poems i ever wrote. i wrote it freshmen year for an english assignment, where we had to write a sonnet poem. not my usual style, which is why some of the lines fit kind of awkwardly. let me know what you think(:

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