God's best friend

February 6, 2011
By raven77 PLATINUM, Clovis, California
raven77 PLATINUM, Clovis, California
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Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existance, letting te reighns go to the unfolding is faith. - System of a down from the song "Science"

The dog of Hades, Cerberus, was lost.
The Underworld was feeling rather sad.
He wanted his dog back at any cost,
But finding him was making Hades mad.

At first he looked along the river Styx,
But all he saw were bodies floating by.
Intent to find his dog the lord doth picks
Him up a stone and tosses it up high.

From pits of punishment the dog does come,
Now jumping up to catch the falling stone.
He lands on Hades, knocks him to his bum,
Now causing him to let escape a groan.

Though glad the dog was back into his arms,
The pain he felt outweighed his many charms.

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