December 27, 2010
By amandapanda949 BRONZE, Corona Del Mar, California
amandapanda949 BRONZE, Corona Del Mar, California
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Darkness obscures all the light in her sight,
She tries hard to scream, but no words come out.
She it trapped in a cocoon scared with fright.
Nothing else to do, she continues to shout.

She cries because she’s afraid to die.
She has grown, but is still only a child,
And it seems like her tears will never dry.
Oh how she wants to break free and be wild.

Constantly hoping for a better day,
She dreams of happiness, love and success.
She wanted sunshine and no more skies of grey,
A life filled with plenty of love and bliss.

She hoped one day to be a butterfly,
One day to be free and fly in the sky.

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