November 22, 2010
It's nothing when he comes to me,
It's nothing when he goes away.
But you, I'd always love to see
And give anything if you'd stay.

I push him far away, because
I can't stand the suffocation.
I pulled you in just for a touch,
I couldn't bear separation.

I have to rack my brain to write
a halfway decent song for him.
For you, I'd write all day and night
With pretty verses to the brim.

He does all that I ask him to,
I don't appreciate it, though.
I was always let down by you,
And it would make me feel so low.

He is as sweet as sweet could get,
but my heart doesn't seem to care.
You're the sour that my tongue regrets,
And still, the love for you is there.

I know he loves me quite a lot,
I wish that I could say the same.
I sometimes wish he loved me not,
And that you could be mine again.

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