Summer is the Season I Hate the Most

November 23, 2010
Summer is the season I hate the most. (10) A
The hot weather is a puddle of sweat (10) B
It's humid, sticky, and the air is gross. (10) A
I don't like pools and getting wet (8) B
So what is the big deal about summer? (10) C
The sun burns my skin until it is red. (10) D
Three months of this season is a bummer (10) C
My feelings towards summer are close to dead. (10) D
Although I hate summer, there is no school (10) E
No tests and no quizzes is as good as candy. (11) F
Also no homework, which is very cool (9) E
This season of summer is quite dandy. (9) F
You should give seasons like summer a chance (10) G
The joy of summer could make you dance. (9) G

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