i must go..

November 19, 2010
By youu32 BRONZE, Hammond, Indiana
youu32 BRONZE, Hammond, Indiana
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No i do not want to go,
no i cannot stay.
Of course i'll still love you
but i can't take your little kid games.
You say your not a kid.
yet, you act like one all the time,
wanting every[one] you see,
then breaking* their hearts, including mine.
i want to stay, i really do.
but knowing i'll be broken,
i can't keep up, i can't keep going.
i feel like i've been choken.
i will not be pushed aside or hurt.
i'll go where the wind blows,
if it brings me back, well then ok.
but for now, i must go.

The author's comments:
I was in love with a guy, who even though treted me bad he somehow loved me back. My friends didn't want me with him and i noticed i should'nt be, so i left..

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