November 9, 2010
By , Fort Wayne, IN
I sometimes think of Briana.
Attending Northrop High.
Not able to be loud, and inappropriate.
Not able to be herself.
So she silences herself.
This makes me frown.

i sometimes think of Paige.
Attending Southside High.
Battling the idiots in her path.
If they don’t move, they feel her wrath.
She wishes he could see,
the feelings she with holds.
But she won’t set them free.
This makes me sad.

I sometimes think of Breanne.
Attending Wayne High.
Swept up into crowds of idiots.
Insecure for no reason.
With her critical eyes.
This frustrates me.

Mostly I think of Ally.
Her impossible family.
Her loving, idiot boyfriend.
she struggles to concentrate in class.
I want to shed some light in her life,
but she won’t let me in.
She’s just across the room,
yet so far away.
This makes me shake with sobs.

Do they ever think of me?
Getting smaller everyday.
Withering away.
The muscle in my heart burning to ashes.
Carving “Good Job” into my thigh.
Doing my best to fake it and not cry.
I try to protect them,
but I’ve been failing.

They’re slipping out of my grasp.
As one by one they realize,
that I’m not gonna last.

My eyes blur.

My emotions stir.

My body wracks.

The breakdown, attacks.

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LilStinka said...
Dec. 2, 2010 at 4:31 am
Really touching. I especially love the last part starting with my eyes blur :) keep it up
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