Her and Me

November 3, 2010
By , Charlotte, NC
I look into her brown eyes
Only to see hatred and anger.
I wonder how such a pretty girl
Could ever see
what I've been through.

She seems happy and genuine on her
Inside she struggle with battles
of what real love is.
How could she have had
that experiece?

Acceptance is all she really wants
From others and herself.
But society blocks out all possibility.
I see she's lonely too.
Not only me?

On sunny days tears fill her eyes
when thinking of family.
A mother and sister all she gets?
What about the father who helps
when you get sick?
How could she understand my pain?

She wants to be truly loved.
She wants to understand herself.
She wants to know why her?
She wants to.....

I thought about all these things
without noticing the obvious.

I watched as I picked up my hand
And she mirrored me.

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JessieJ said...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm
great writing
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