November 1, 2010
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Soft whispers
Echo in her mind
She sobs and begs
For them to go away
The simply laugh
As the wind chills her skin

Sadistic beings
They are said to be
Laughing and mocking
Those who are helpless and weak

She runs so fast
Yet can’t get away
She calls for help
Though she does it all in vain
She trips and falls
Then quickly looks back
She sees him staring at her
With that wicked grin of his

She cries as he pins her down
Rips her shirt off
And grins even more
She struggles to freedom
Though he keeps her still
And tells her to cry no more

Pain fills her mind
He’s taken her now
Going hard and fast
Never slowing down
He looks down at her
Triumph in his eyes
He won
She knows that too

Finally it’s over
But the pain won’t cease
He pulls out and says
“You’re mine now, pretty…”
She cries and whimpers
As he pulls her up
Crimson droplets staining her thighs

She looks up at him
With tear filled eyes
“Why did you do it sir? Why?”
He looks at her with a smirk
“Because, sweety…” He says
“Because I can…”
She wakes with a start
Her nightlight still on
She catches her breath
And lies back down
It’s over sweety
He’s gone
You’re safe now child
Go back to sleep...

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