You Can Have What's Left

October 30, 2010
You Can Have What's Left

I say I'm okay with every lying breath.
There’s not much to take but you can have what’s left.
Bits and pieces scattered, just pick one and leave.
Just leave me all alone to lose my hope and grieve.

I look at my reflection and am disgust with what I see.
I should have never let you take so much of me.
My eyes are cloudy and teared and my hair is full of knots.
I hate thinking about that night but I pretend that I forgot.

Slow beats fill my heart and slow thoughts fill my mind.
Slow motion fills my memory and slow blinks make me blind.
Tears roll down my cheek like my eyes will never dry.
Sitting with my hands folded as I sit and cry.

Candles lit around the room with burning pictures in the trash.
Teardrops cover my pillow next to the glass frames I had smashed.
As I sit weeping in the corner, I realize I should move on.
I realize I am better and that you are forever gone.

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