Bittersweet Melody

October 22, 2010
Pain I know very well, for I have suffered a lot,
Love I don’t because have never truly loved,
True happiness I don’t, for I have seen naught.

Every time I get close to it, I always get shoved
Back to bitter reality without a gentle nudge

Tears I know, are frozen in my eyes, result of a bitter fight
I will stand strong through these tough times and I wont budge
Even if it means to agree to be a sacrifice for the tithe
Frozen inside Without your touch, without your love
I am an empty hollow, an echoless sound of the night
Without you to hold me down, ill be free like a dove
To soar the azure sky and reach new heights
Even though I am in front of your eyes, u cant see me
Is it because you’re blind to my silent plea?

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