Balance of the World

August 22, 2010
The world moves until it has finished.
It rotates with no reason.
It continues to move to the point where our lives diminish.
To some this may be considered treason.

We watch flowers bloom in the spring and watch them die in the fall.
However the seed never dies, only their being will decay.
If we realized our fate, we wouldn’t stall.
For our bodies might turn old, yet our spirit will remain with them everyday.

Out in the distance there is a pastoral waiting to be found.
Beyond the mountain there is a rainbow waiting to be seen.
Whatever we see is just the beginning, and life is growing abound.
We may never find the start of a rainbow, but we can still look at its pristine.

The more we look at the world at a larger perspective.
We can be less objective and more effective.

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