Human Mistakes

August 2, 2010
Soundlessness escapes your lips
Dripping with curses and swears
Sarcasm on the tip of your tongue
And you believe it is all yet fair
Condemning one to the devil
But only because of human mistake
The person neither innocent nor guilty
All hope lost in death’s fearful wake
No one is completely perfect
Not child nor woman nor man
Everyone is blamed for sins
Even when we try the best we can
You judge me because I am imperfect
Because I am an offender you say?
Yet have you not committed a crime?
Have you followed the law everyday?
We all make mistakes
And from them we must learn
Not be punished for error
We did not earn
You may slap me and hit me
And call me a fraud
But remember: Jesus, too, was only human
Though the Son of God

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