Seven Days

August 3, 2010
By shootingdreams SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
shootingdreams SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
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The first day was risk-taking, a leap off the cliff in blinding faith
The seventh day was heart-breaking, no tears left to cry, words left to say.
The third day was life-changing, that first kiss I'll never get back
The sixth day was gut-wrenching, my world fading to shades of black.

Seven days of summer, told in no particular order at all
Seven days with fire, that leap off the cliff—the crippling fall.

There was a connection, this I could swear
His penetrating gaze convinced me he cared.
Paintings of airplanes on the walls,
Wandering together in secluded halls
Music on the radio, stories of faraway lands
Lying pensively on the floor; our intertwined hands.
That first kiss, sweet as sugar
Unsure, tentative, perfect in its own way
Sprinting through the night.
One last long look to call it a day.

I built walls of illusions in my mind
Before I realized
He wasn't what I wanted to find.

I didn't give up, I gave it one last shot. Anxiety building fast
The farewell gala, the last night—help me make it last. But
Confusion at his indifference
Confusion at my seeming insignificance
He pulls me into the hallway and that's how it ends
One last kiss
And then we're not even friends
The demons came then—demons of despair
Because I knew what I'd known all along
I was the only one that actually cared.

Morning light of the seventh day
Last night's tears watered the pain away
But the sight of him rips my wound apart
Gashing wound
Broken illusions—not a broken heart
Even as I'm still mending
I see someone else with MY happy ending.
(I never asked for much, just a real goodbye and suitcases of memories of time well spent)
He's moved on though, found my replacement
Shattered my enchantment.
All I got was a farewell wave
I pull away my lingering gaze

Seven days of summer with a heartbreaker boy
who still haunts my mind
Seven insignificant days for the boy that took it all, shattered it all
and then left me trailing behind.

The author's comments:
I spent seven days at camp with a heartbreaker boy. It changed me.

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