It Is Sorta, Kinda, Perhaps, Maybe, Could Be, Should Be, Probably A Sonnet

July 24, 2010
By kissfanatic123 SILVER, Newark, Delaware
kissfanatic123 SILVER, Newark, Delaware
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I fell in love with your beautiful mask
However, didn’t like what was behind
Handling the truth: a difficult task
It was there that I had to draw the line
They all tell me to forgive and forget
But how many times can I hear “goodbye”?
I will not repay this regret; this debt
How many times could I believe a lie?
Did you enjoy playing your favorite game?
I was very dumb; I gave you my heart
I gave you the world; you made me look lame
By breaking my heart, your best type of art

Shedding all the salt water was a waste

How could I have had such terrible taste?

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